Sarah Jane and the Hallicrafters


While the summertime weather heats up, the band conditions are definitely cooling down. Aside from a few notable exceptions listed in our summertime listening guide, not much is happening on the HF bands. Solar activity has left 15, 12, and 10 quiet, while 17 and 20 sound like they’re broken. Meanwhile whatever is broadcasting on the tropical bands is buried under a layer of hiss and static crashes.

Here at HF Radio Review though, we have a plan to help heat up the ionosphere with vintage tube gear and the lovely Miss Sarah Jane. I don’t think it will help propagation any, but it should help take your mind off of things.


Radio Pinup Shoot

It’s tough work, but someone’s gotta do it.

A few weeks ago, I got a message from a young woman on ModelMayhem wanting to work with me on some photos. Well, being a red blooded American male photographer of sound mind and body, I quickly agreed, and suggested we do a shoot around, what else, old radios. She liked the idea, so we met up earlier this week and took a lot of pics. I am not done with the whole post-processing routine just yet, but here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Sarah Jane and a hallicrafters SX-62a

Stay tuned for more.