Tales of the Iowa QSO Party

Last year, I entered my first radio contest and participated in the Iowa QSO Party. I worked a lot of stations, had a few good non-contest conversations along the way, and had a pretty good time. I submitted my scores the next day, and found out several months later that I actually won the darn thing!

ImageWho knew right?

Fast forward to this last weekend, when it came time for me to defend my title. Like a prize fighter entering the ring, I sat down in front of my radio Saturday morning ready to defend my status as defending champion. OK, it was a lot less serious than that, but at 9 AM I began repeating my “CQ Iowa QSO Party” mantra, and didn’t let up for about 9 hours.

The way the iowa QSO Party is scored is fairly simple. You basically work every station you can, multiply that by the number of different states and Iowa counties you worked, and add on bonus points for working the WA0DX club station and all the different Boy Scout Jamboree of the Air stations you can (maximum of five).  Jump through these mathematical hoops and you come up with a final score.

Like last year though, I took a rather light hearted approach. Yes i wanted a good score, maybe even a back to back win, but the journey is sometimes more important than the destination. I got to talk to a mobile station in Texas just as he crossed over the border into New Mexico, giving me my first contact with either of those states. A little later, i talked to a mobile station in TN, followed immediately by another mobile in the same state seconds later. It turns out that the driver had handed the mic over to his wife, giving me an additional contact from the same rig. Nice!

As I mentioned earlier, I got bonus points for making contact with ‘Jamboree of the Air” (JOTA) stations, which are stations set up to get Scouts interested in amateur radio. Several times through out the contest, I was asked by these station operators if I would mind talking to a few scouts, and I always welcomed the opportunity. I talked to kids from California, New York, and a couple of other places as well, even after I’d reached my 5 JOTA station limit. Hey, winning the contest is cool, but getting kids interested in radio has a much bigger payoff in my mind.

I worked a few QRP stations, a couple of guys who needed Iowa for their Worked All States award, and even some DX out of Europe on 10 and 15. Two of my more memorable contacts came later on in the day, when I worked an American Airlines air mobile 36,000 feet over Bristol, VA. About an hour later, I worked another DX station, but this one wasn’t out of Europe, it was North Africa, Morocco to be precise. Somehow or another, my crappy longwire and 100 watts managed to get my first ever contact with Morocco during the Iowa QSo party. Go figure.

For the record, I ended up scoring 6855 points, about 1200 less than i did last year. That score is good for third place right now, but stations still have about a month to turn in their loggings. Win lose or draw though, I had a pretty good time. I’m pretty sure I’ll do it all again next year too.

See you on the bands.

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