Hello, Radio

As I write this, I am in a hotel room in Dayton, Ohio, listening to Radio Kuwait on 15540. I’m not using the internet or satellite, I’m just using a radio and a long piece of wire strung across the floor of the hotel room floor. All in all, it’s not that different from what your grandfather (or even great grandfather) would’ve done to hear the news, a baseball game, or even the Jack Benny show.

Radio has been a passion of mine ever since I was a kid. Whether it was playing with my brother’s Sony Earth Orbiter, or seeing how many radio stations I could hear on a portable transistor radio from the back seat, radio has always captivated me. Even after all of these years, it still fascinates me how 750 AM, usually WSB out of Atlanta, will surrender its grip on the frequency as Radio Caracas fades in. While I may be able to give you some sort of explanation for why this happens from time to time, I have no idea when it will happen again. To the best of my knowledge, no one else can either. Its that unpredictability, that sense of mystery, that has managed to hold my attention for over 35 years now. The equipment has changed, and I’ve got a better idea of when to listen and where, but I’m still at the mercy of a lot of variables beyond anyone’s control.

As the title says, this blog will focus on the HF part of the spectrum. Our focus will be primarily on shortwave, but we’ll also cover the HAM bands too. Just for fun, you can throw in the occasional post about the AM broadcast band as well. We’ll just see where our radios take us. Who is the “us” you ask? Well, right now it’s just me. But if you have a passion for radio, and feel like you have something to say, let me know.

73s and good DX to you all from Tim, WI0H.